“Harry Dexter White (1892-1948) was an American economist. He was one
of the founding fathers of the International Monetary Fund and the
World Bank.” He was a disciple of John Maynard Keynes, and an important part of Roosevelts New Deal, reforms of the US economy during the great Depression, and basically an American Patriot.


He also was accused during his lifetime of being a “communist.” What gives with this?

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There really is a divide in the US between groups of people.  And the main source of the division is religion. The world is divided into people who have various traditional beliefs and derive their model for life by living those traditions. And many others who have developed what they suppose are more “modern” beliefs. The former include adherents to all the major religions. The later include many who have “new” faiths, or think they have discarded faith in religion in favor of secular religions such as materialism, athieism, Communism, ‘liberalism’, etceteras…There really is a gap between the perceptions of these people. Bridging that gap will take a lot of work. But the first step in bridging the gap is to understand why it exists.

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White Rose

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I really don’t know what to make of this site:


The original white rose was an anti-Nazi group in Germany just before the World War II. They tried to resist Nazism with all their hearts, but with limited success. This group is dedicated to struggling with what they believed was American Fascism. As usual with groups dedicated to fighting with undefined, amorphous or nearly invisible “enemies” they are prone to attract people of paranoia and suspicion.

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