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Tears of Amrita


I apologize for the long delay in writing here at Phantom City. As many of you know, it has been a difficult year for me. After a gut-wrenching separation from my true love and wife of ten years, she died suddenly on the very day we were set to formalize my return home. If you [...]

Memorial Words, September 25, 2019 Good Afternoon, my name is Charles Atkins. I am Jennifer’s husband. Today I wish to be frank with you; can I be frank with you? On behalf of our family, I thank you all for coming here today to honor the life of Jennifer. Jennifer Michelle Dubois Mahannah Atkins. Jennifer [...]

Saturday, September 18th will forever be burned into my mind. That was the day my step-son and I found my beautiful, 36 year old wife, dead on the bathroom floor. My therapist urged me to share my experience with others as an act of healing. Perhaps, through the telling of this tragedy, someone, somewhere, will [...]