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You were promised a campfire tale, so throw another Vanya on the bonfire, it might smell rank, but it burns good. Let us proceed. Not long ago by Rip Van Winkle standards, disaster struck me and I became disabled. I was diagnosed with severe PTSD. The best diagnostic explanation I have come across came from [...]

It may take a while before anyone reads this post as it has been so long since I last wrote. Fact is, a great deal has happened since you heard from me last. All of it is good. My faith and practice have become so beautiful and deep. It was the Lotus Sutra that led [...]

On March 30, 2011, I was informed that I had been expelled from the SGI. Expelled, banished, excommunicated, exiled, kicked to the curb, kicked in the mani jewels, given the bums rush, sent to the glue factory, and given a good old sectarian wedgie – it all adds up to the same thing. The enlightened [...]