At one time on FWP, we had at least 5 SGI members writing. Now I’m the only one. Greg and Byrd passed. Joe and Chuck got the boot. All my “leaders” know about FWP, but not the “members.” If we practiced in one of the hot beds of SGI (LA, NYC, Chicago), I suspect Greg and I would have been gone long ago, but I live in a small community with very few members.

As I have said, I signed the leadership form because I feel the members in my sphere needed me. They need a slightly different point of view. I am vocal at meetings, but not combative. I promote Nichiren and the Lotus Surta, though I am not an expert. I am honest about my weariness of what I call “Ikeda worship.” I an honest about my concern for the organization when Mr. Ikeda passes away or steps down. I am honest about my dismay at the renewed promotion of Soka Spirit.

Let’s talk about Soka Spirit. I tried to find a quote on the SGI site to explain Soka Spirit, but there is not clear statement of mission. The purpose of Soka Spirit is to continue to refute Nichiren Shoshu. I believe the reason for the renewed interest in Soka Spirit is that they are gaining in numbers and we are not. I equate this with business. I can concentrate on growing my business or I can obsess about what my competitor is doing. I can follow my competitor around town and try to take his customers. I can complain about him to my current customers. I can spend my time worrying and rationalizing about my competitor. But all that will not make my business a success. The way to do that is to concentrate on my own business. So in my mind, if NST is growing and gaining members, then why isn’t SGI? Why spend time coming up with lectures and handouts and speeches. Why not spend that time figuring out why NST is growing?(step off soap box)

Where was I? I am not expecting to get the boot from SGI. The only guy I know of who got the boot around here was the creepy married guy who kept making passes at the young women. I’m not creepy, so I pass that one. But I’ll let you know.