Last year we had to put down our dog, Jill. Soon after we started looking for a new dog. It took many trips to the shelter and many dog/family introductions, but we finally adopted a not too small blond puppy we named Maggie. She was about 6 months old and was a stray. She is a good dog, but she was hard to house break and never seemed to be comfortable. After about 6 months, we decided that she needed a dog companion. After many more trips to the shelter and several dog/family/Maggie introductions, we found a small black puppy and fell in love. We were told he was 4 months old. Great, he won’t be that big. But when we went to pick him up a few days later, we were told he was actually only 2 months old. That was early July and he has continued to grow. His name is Oly – named for the roller derby league The Oly Rollers. Oly was much different that Maggie, he was immediately house broken. They get along well and are difficult to separate.

One problem is that they sometimes get into viscous fights.  When one of them gets stressed, they will gravitate to each other and a big dog fight breaks out. The humans now can feel a fight coming and stop it just before it happens. We are working on the underlying problems. Yesterday I was in the back yard with the gardener (that sounds so snooty, but it’s just the guy how cuts the grass). I asked him to cut some bamboo for me. When he started, Maggie started barking and Oly started running around. After separating them, I returned and figured out the the pieces were too big and we need to cut some of them again. The dogs were out again and a very bad fight broke out. In my attempts to pull the bigger one off the smaller one, I got bit. Blood started soaking through my pant leg. I got them inside and separated and the bite is not bad. I should have separated them when the cutting started again.

This used to happen with my kids. They would be playing, it would get rougher and Greg or I would tell them to calm down. But then someone would go too far and there would be a fight and some yelling and maybe some crying. Then we would have to listen to each side as they screamed that we were on the other kid’s side and we weren’t listening and it always happens, and on and on and on. But in the end, they are sisters and they let it go and we move on. Through years of learning how to argue, Greg and I taught them how to communicate and then to not hold a grudge – let it go.

When I was bandaging my leg this morning, I realized I have dog/kid fights happening here on FWP and maybe for the same reason. We have people who gravitate to each other and they try to change each others views. This goes on for a while and then something stresses one or two of the “dogs” or someone goes too far and a viscous fight breaks out.  Now, in my attempts so separate the fighters, I get bit. I have asked for better behavior on FWP. I have asked for dialogue and temperance. But, no. Everyone involved thinks I’m on their combatant’s side. My call for calm has been labeled BS and I think I was called a heretic, but I’m not positive about that. It’s easy to break up the actual dogs when they fight. They do not hold grudges and do not take anything personally. When it’s done, it’s done. But not here. Here we need to re-post past comments, taken out of context of course, call each other names, post incredibly long rambling posts about, well, I don’t know what they are about because I don’t read them and hijack every thread so we can keep this going.

My life is full of dog fights. My New Year goal is to clean up and calm down FWP.  Let’s all remember this (and this is going to start another thread hijacking, out of context re-posting crap storm)  WWND — What Would Nichiren Do? We tend to gravitate to the writings that support our view. It reminds me of a news report Greg and I watched many years ago. A church bus crashed. In interviews with the church members and pastor we found out it was God’s will and the work of the devil. So which one is it? Nichiren did call out his enemies by name and he did verbally eviscerate a few priests. But he also calmly explained the teachings and pointed out what he saw as errors in the government. And he never discouraged a follower even if he was strict. I do not believe Nichiren would approve of the way some of us have conducted ourselves. Let’s do something different on FWP next year. Let’s talk about our lives, our practice of Nichiren’s Buddhism, the Lotus Sutra, how this all effects us and the world. Let us be the group that promotes Nichiren’s true and correct teachings to the world. We can do it!