I noticed that I have two books on my nightstand. One by James Carville and one by Bill O’Reilley. I acquired the Carville book. My parents pushed the O’Reilly book on me. In case you don’t know about these two people, James Carville is a liberal, even progressive Democratic pundit. O’Reilly is a conservative, Fox News talk show host. These guys are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. Carville’s book is about politics, the politics of the left. The O’Reilly book is about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

My parents are Republican, Fox News junkies. I am a Democrat who watches some MSNBC sometimes. For Christmas, I donated $48 to The KIND Fund  in my parents’ name. The KIND Fund stands for Kids In Need of Desks. For $48, a desk will be built locally and delivered to a school in Malawi, Africa. The school children have no desks. They sit on a dirt floor for eight hours a day. Two or three kids can use each desk. I don’t think my parents appreciated the thought because the person behind the fund is Lawrence O’Donnell, talk show host from MSNBC.  So they pushed the O’Reilly book on me.

Now, I can’t decide if my own prejudice is involved in this, it probably is, but the Lincoln book was so slow moving and so poorly written and so simply written, that I only read a couple of pages at a time. And we all knew the ending! But it was interesting to read about how different the country was. People were sleeping in the White House trying to get the President’s attention. That changed after the assassination. Can you imagine regular citizens sleeping in the White House? Now I can give the book back and start another book.

I haven’t gotten very far into the Carville book, but now that Lincoln is dead and buried, I can start another book. Hummm, any suggestions?