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Atheists and Death


I read this article this morning about nonbelievers and tragedy. The thought of dealing with the sudden death of a loved one is hard enough, but to try to do it without faith is unimaginable. My practice may have been shaken with my husband’s sudden death, but not my faith. What are your thoughts? [...]

Subscription Check


I sent in a check for my subscription to SGI-USA publications. Today, a week and a half later, my check is returned in the mail with a letter. Sometimes I write my checks in purple ink, just because I like it. SGI-USA will not accept my check because it was not in blue or black [...]

Presto Chango!


I am a member of SGI-USA. Most, if not all of you know about this organization. Most of you first learned of Nichiren Buddhism at a SGI district meeting. The district meeting is the front lines for SGI. The problem is, the district leader is usually someone with little experience and has only been practicing [...]