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I was thinking about buying a lottery ticket this week. The Mega Millions multi-state lottery pay out is estimated at $640 million – the largest in history. So I was thinking about it and then I realized – that is too much money. I know some of you may think there is no such thing [...]

I noticed that I have two books on my nightstand. One by James Carville and one by Bill O’Reilley. I acquired the Carville book. My parents pushed the O’Reilly book on me. In case you don’t know about these two people, James Carville is a liberal, even progressive Democratic pundit. O’Reilly is a conservative, Fox [...]

Today is a beautiful day – warm, sunny, calm – everything you would want from a nice day. I’m in a great mood. I received an email from a very progressive organization about non-violent demonstrations and how people need to be trained to do this. Here is a line from the message – To help [...]