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What is your favorite translation of the Lotus Sutra?

What do you suggest for a first translation?

Welcome to the new This is the first major upgrade in 6 years. This is a first step is the upgrade process. We are using WordPress software and the theme is not perfect for us. Through the next few weeks, we will attempt to fix the major issues with the site. The biggest being that when on an authors site, there is no way to get back to this page. It will also take the authors a few days to figure out the new software and all the new features. We will start another Question of the Week soon to kick off the new site.

Please hand in there while we are working on this.

Thank you,

Fraught Staff

March 28, 2010 – Please pardon our mess. Fraughtwithperil is undergoing a complete overhaul. This site (including all of its writers blogs) should be stable by the morning of MarchPosts 29, 2010.

Thanks – Fraughtmaster Toad