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I don’t think Nichiren Buddhism will survive. Very few people on this planet know anything of Nichiren. Why are the Nichiren sects declining in membership? My daughter was listening to a song with the lyric “It’s always darkest before the dawn,” but it should have been “Winter never fails to turn to Spring.” The song [...]

NPR is doing stories on the theme “Losing my Religion.” I posted one on my blog last week about how faith plays in or out when a tragedy occurs. The latest installment has to do with young people and their doubts about organized religion. Part 1 “One-fifth of Americans are religiously unaffiliated — higher than at [...]

November 2012


This is an update on a few of our writers: Yesterday would have been Greg’s 53rd birthday. I baked a cake and passed out candy for Halloween. He is missed. Charles is doing well and writing a bit on Facebook. I will try to get him to update us on FWP. Last night I watched [...]