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There are still a few problems – most notable is the lack of a “Home” button that actually goes home. We are working on that. Yes, it’s bold. Yes some will hate it. It took a long time to realize that we can’t please everyone. Actually, we can’t seem to please anyone. So here is [...]

March 28, 2010 – Please pardon our mess. Fraughtwithperil is undergoing a complete overhaul. This site (including all of its writers blogs) should be stable by the morning of MarchPosts 29, 2010. Thanks – Fraughtmaster Toad

It’s summer and time to start some heated dialog on Fraught With Peril. You all have a chance to write on FWP right here on the Guest Blog. We are looking for: Questions Experiences Comments Essays Anything to get people to think and talk. You may think it’s too difficult to write on this site, [...]