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It has been many moons since I have written here at FWP. To all of my readers, I apologize. As some of you are aware, I have been in self-imposed exile – a seclusion of the most thorough and reflective kind. I owe it to all of you, to share my story, and with your [...]

This morning, I saluted the Eternal Buddha and offered thanks for myriad benefits that have emerged from my life. The synchronic pulse of abundance compels me to share what wonders have unfolded. In the face of bitter turmoil and challenge, the synergy generated by faith and practice have opened new, dynamic portals to mission and [...]

In the Lotus Sutra – no! – Throughout all of the Buddhist sutras, Shakyamuni speaks of freedom from outflows, the danger of desire, and the perils of attachment. Attachment is found in our connection with people, possessions, and circumstances. How can one live and not acquire a sense of attachment? We love and develop a [...]