I am Nancy. I have been a member of SGI since 1987. I am a Women’s Divisioin Vice Chapter leader and a District leader. I am married and have two teenage daughters. I own a small business.
My vision is to blog about my district and chapter and for it to be more conversational and not heavy on the theory. I hope it will be easy reading and an insight into the workings of a typical SGI district and chapter.
Our district, Salinas District, and chapter, Steinbeck Chapter, are in a relatively new area, Monterey Area. Our membership consists of many pioneer women, some long time members, a few new members and almost no youth division. This is a transient area. Young people come her to college or from the military, stay for a few years and leave.
Late last year I made a determination that Steinbeck Chapter become an area by 2013. A few of our chapter members began to have stunning victories. Visitation rights awarded after years of denial, new jobs, better relationships. Members transferred into Salinas District and members returned after long Buddhist vacations. Our district and chapter are growing, finally.