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Dogs, Kids and FWP


Last year we had to put down our dog, Jill. Soon after we started looking for a new dog. It took many trips to the shelter and many dog/family introductions, but we finally adopted a not too small blond puppy we named Maggie. She was about 6 months old and was a stray. She is [...]

I’m the Last One


At one time on FWP, we had at least 5 SGI members writing. Now I’m the only one. Greg and Byrd passed. Joe and Chuck got the boot. All my “leaders” know about FWP, but not the “members.” If we practiced in one of the hot beds of SGI (LA, NYC, Chicago), I suspect Greg [...]

When walking the dog, I notice the houses that go up for sale or rent, the new foreclosures and the ones that are out right abandoned. I have been in my current home for almost 12 years. When walking this morning, my mind wandered to selling my house and buying one of these foreclosed or [...]