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When someone asks you if you are┬áChristian, do you say, “No, I’m a Nichiren Buddhist!”? Then you should consider writing for We are looking for new writers. Do you practice Nichiren Buddhism? Do you sometimes have a question or experience that other may find interesting or inspirational? Then you should consider writing. You don’t [...]

Rude Buddha


Last weekend, Saturday Night Live did a sketch called “Rude Buddha” where the Buddha made fun of his followers behind their backs. It was very over the top and I found myself giggling. Here is a link. What do you think?        

Happy 2012

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Happy New Year from We all wish you a health, happy and exciting new year. I don’t make “resolutions” at this time, but I do make goals for the coming year to add to my ever growing list of on-going goals. It is always interesting which goals I accomplish with positive action and which [...]