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Why Do We Chant?


In SGI, we have a daily practice of gongyo and chanting morning and evening. We are allowed, if not encouraged, to chant for stuff or personal enrichment. We are also allowed and encouraged to attend meetings with other SGI members where we discuss Nichiren’s Buddhism, our daily lives and, usually, some SGI politics. This how [...]

How to Chant


How do I chant? What should I think about? I know I shouldn’t beg, but should I demand or expect or ask? I think we all have asked these questions. I have heard many different answers. Some people make affirmations – “I will get this job!” Some people visualize what they want – i.e. imagining [...]

This was “Think It Over” electronic baby weekend for my 15 year old daughter. For health class she had to care for an electronic baby doll. It screamed… alot. She had to feed it, change it’s diaper and burp it. She picked it up Friday after school. We stopped by my parents’ house and when [...]