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The Memorial


Sunday was the memorial for our friend. It was a nice event. Well over a hundred people attended from SGI, the Postal Service, friends and family. We did gongyo and chanted for a long time as people filed up to offer incense. Our friend’s daughters shared a gongyo book and chanted. She would have been [...]

I have spent more time doing SGI activities and chanting than I have for many years. Home visits – that’s something I just didn’t do. I lead a study meeting on Saturday, chanted with an area leader visiting from LA on Sunday and did a home visit on Monday as well as our regular Monday [...]

Friday, February 8, 2008 just before 6:00 pm I answered the phone. It was our WD area leader. She asked if I had heard about Jean. No… what? Another member says she was murdered by her boyfriend. Jean is one of our group leaders and her boyfriend, Eddie, was just appointed unit leader four days [...]