I took the kids to a concert Wednesday. The concert was at Slim’s in San Fransisco – about 2 hours away. I stopped at the Silicon Valley Community Center to get a couple of books and found our WD region leader there and talked for a few minutes.
We made a point of missing the first two bands, The Cab and We The Kings because… well… just because! We made it to the club, found parking about half a block away, had no trouble acquiring our will call tickets and headed into the club. We have been to lots of concerts – mostly in small venues. This was the first club concert though Kaela and I went to a concert at a skating rink in San Jose once. The third band was Metro Station which has Hanna Montana’s brother in it. Funny thing about Metro Station – they had a fantastic bass line through every song, but no bassist. The two guitarists couldn’t sing and play at the same time and the drums sounded way too good. But Kaela loved them.
Cobra Starship was the headliner and I really like their new album -Viva la Cobra. They can sing and play and I love the new girl in the band. I really needed to do something fun this week and the concert was fun. Now the ride home… that was not fun. I was tired, but not nodding off tired. I chanted to keep myself awake for some of the drive.
The next day, yesterday, Valentine’s Day, Leia’s band played at the school dance. She said it went well, but was so tired when Kaela and I picked her up that she didn’t tell us much.
I am refusing to buy tickets for Panic at the Disco because some agreements have not been kept (grades) and now Kaela says she HAS to see My Chemical Romance.
I realize that many of you have no idea who any of these bands are, but I am an expert on slightly known bands. I’ll keep you up-to-date. You can throw out some names at a party.
Just doing my part…



I am Nancy. I have been a member of SGI since 1987. I am a Women’s Divisioin Vice Chapter leader and a District leader. I am married and have two teenage daughters. I own a small business.
My vision is to blog about my district and chapter and for it to be more conversational and not heavy on the theory. I hope it will be easy reading and an insight into the workings of a typical SGI district and chapter.
Our district, Salinas District, and chapter, Steinbeck Chapter, are in a relatively new area, Monterey Area. Our membership consists of many pioneer women, some long time members, a few new members and almost no youth division. This is a transient area. Young people come her to college or from the military, stay for a few years and leave.
Late last year I made a determination that Steinbeck Chapter become an area by 2013. A few of our chapter members began to have stunning victories. Visitation rights awarded after years of denial, new jobs, better relationships. Members transferred into Salinas District and members returned after long Buddhist vacations. Our district and chapter are growing, finally.