In Chapter 15 of the Lotus Sutra, the Bodhisattvas from Underground appear. The description is as follows:
“Each one of these bodhisattvas was the leader of his own great assembly, and each brought with him a retinue equal in number to the sands of sixty thousand Ganges. To say nothing of those who brought retinues equal to the sands of fifty thousand, forty thousand, thirty thousand, twenty thousand, or ten thousand Ganges. Or a retinue equal to as little as the sands of one Ganges, half a Ganges, one fourth of a Ganges, or as little as one part in a thousand, ten thousand, a million nayutas of Ganges. Or those whose retinue was only one thousand ten thousand million nayutas. Or only a million ten thousand. Or only a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred ten thousand, or just ten thousand. Or only one thousand, one hundred, or ten. Or who brought with them only five, four, three, two or one disciple. Or those who came alone, preferring to carry out solitary practices.”
Lotus Sutra, Ch. 15, Watson translation

Considering that Buddhism in America is a vastly minority religion, and the Nichiren sect is a tiny minority in THAT minority group; why can’t Nichiren sect members and independents get along, or at least find some common ground?