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We discussed this topic at a meeting recently. I started thinking about it and thought I would ask all of you this question –

How has your winter turned to spring?

For me, it has been my business. It turned around literally in the spring. I was ready to close it down in early January, but my staff convinced me to tough it out a bit longer. Business has slowly picked up and then we had a couple of very good months and now I sleep at night.



Fire or Water?


I attended a planning meeting this week. The topic for discussion is about faith like fire or flowing water. One person there sounds like he/she is struggling with this — her/his “lazy nature.” Does that constitute fire or water? I think we all have known “faith like fire” Buddhists. All in, really excited, wants to learn everything and then… gone. But does just sticking around constitute “faith like flowing water?”

How do you determine if you have faith like fire or faith like flowing water?



Rude Buddha


Last weekend, Saturday Night Live did a sketch called “Rude Buddha” where the Buddha made fun of his followers behind their backs. It was very over the top and I found myself giggling.

Here is a link. What do you think?