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Sincere Members


I went to my monthly women’s meeting last night. The usual suspect were there. I really like these women. I always leave with a smile and a promise to be back next month. I usually talk at these meetings, but last night I listened more. What I noticed was the sincerity of these women. The [...]



I say “Hello” when I come home. I say “Bye” when I leave. I know you aren’t there, but I have been doing it for so long, I can’t help myself. I checked the front yard this morning when I took the trash cans out. You always came with me and sniffed the yard. I [...]

Over the past few months and culminating today, I have had an “experience” suited for any SGI meeting. If you are not an SGI member, here is an outline of the SGI experience: 1. You encounter a problem/challenge/illness 2. You chant your ass off 3. Something happens to rectify the problem/challenge/illness I have one of [...]