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I took the study exam in April. As I mentioned, I didn’t study. I did print out the study guide and look at the table of contents, but never got around to reading any of it. The exam was laughably simple. The same points as always. If you have been in SGI for a few [...]

It continues to be a confusing time for me. I am studying more. Joined a study group on The Opening of the Eyes. It is intense study and I enjoy it, but every time I leave I feel like I don’t know anything about Buddhism. Have you ever felt that way? As you learn more [...]

The Middle Way


A few months ago, I watched a documentary called “Buddha.” It was about the life of Shakyamuni. I got in a bit late, but we know that he was born a prince. He lived a very opulent life. As a young man, he abdicated his princeness and started a search for the answer to why [...]