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Sad News


I received this message from Charles this morning -

Nancy: Saturday, my beautiful wife Jennifer died. She was just 36 years old. Although we were separated, we still loved each other. My step-son and I discovered her body Saturday morning. We don’t know what happened yet. I was ready to start writing again at FWP. Would you please post a notice on your site that this has happened? I want our readers to know of this tragedy. I’m sure you can relate.

Charles Atkins

“The essence of Buddhism lies in one’s behavior as a human being”

This statement comes from the SGI study material for August (The Three Kinds of Treasure). The SGI material goes on to talk about leadership in the SGI, but what do you think about this statement?

How is our behavior the essence of Buddhism?

I thought about this as I was driving to work this morning. On the radio there was talk of a “Christian” church in Florida planning to burn a Koran/Quran on September 11. The members of this church must believe they are serving their God and their behavior is the essence of Christianity. Most of the world thinks it’s a really bad idea.